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Mehdi Khadraoui
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Mehdi Khadraoui, MSc

Doctoral fellow

Mehdi is broadly interested in the evolution and ecology of social behaviours. Why do some species show extremely complex and variable social behaviours, while others are invariably solitary? In his master's, he studied various forms of social behaviours in vertebrates. In his post-master research, he is taking a wider perspective and investigates the ecology and evolution of sociality in Coleoptera.

He is currently looking into a career in science communication, in order to raise awareness about the scientific method and to inform the general public about the fascinating knowledge fostered by evolutionary research.


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Email: mehdi.khadraoui@uni-wuerzburg.d
Phone: +49 931/31-86682

ORCID ID: 0000-0003-1284-3972
Scopus ID: 57201300857
Research Gate: link
Publons: link


Wang, D., Forstmeier, W., Ihle, M., Khadraoui, M., Jerónimo, S., Martin, K., and Kempenaers, B. (2018). Irreproducible text-book “knowledge”: the effects of color bands on zebra finch fitness. Evolution 72(4): 961-976.

Jerónimo, S., Khadraoui, M., Wang, D., Martin, K., Lesku, J., Robert, K., Schlicht, E., Forstmeier, W., and Kempenaers, B. (2018). Plumage colour manipulation has no effect on social dominance or fitness in zebra finches. Behav Ecol 29(2): 459-467.

Khadraoui, M., and Toews, D. P. L. (2015).The influence of environmental cues and anthropogenic activity on roost departure times in the Northwestern Crow (Corvus caurinus). Wilson J Orn 127(4): 739-746.