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Peter Biedermann
© Mehdi Khadraoui

Peter Biedermann, PHD

Group leader


Phone: +49931/31-89589

Ann-Kathrin Mais


Lab manager

Ann-Kathrin joined the lab in April 2019 and will stay with us for a year.

Janina Diehl
© Mehdi Khadraoui

Janina DieHl, MSc

PhD student


Phone: +49 931/31-85216

Maximilian Lehenberger
© Mehdi Khadraoui
Mehdi Khadraoui
© Maximilian Lehenberger

Mehdi Khadraoui, MSc

Doctoral fellow


Email: mehdi.khadraoui@uni-wuerzburg.d
Phone: +49 931/31-86682

Markus Benkert
© Christina Benkert

Markus Benkert, BSc

Master student

Markus's main interest in the biological field has always been ecology. He did his bachelor thesis at the Department for Animal Ecology and Tropical Biology (Zoology III). In his master studies, his main focus lies in animal ecology and behavioural biology, and he is working on a research project in fungus physiology with Max.



Viesturs Leibold
© Mehdi Khadraoui


BSc student

Viesturs joined the lab in October for a semester, mostly working on fungal DNA sequencing and cuticular hydrocarbon extraction and analyses.



Giulio Criscione
© Mehdi Khadraoui

Giulio criscione, MSC

Erasmus Student

Giulio is a post-master student and comes from Sicily. He joined the lab in January and is currently working on his own research project on fungal physiology and the beetle-fungus symbiosis with Max.